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This page contains TV interviews, podcasts, videos and slides of public talks at academic and industry conferences


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  • Check out my YouTube channel for complete videos of lockdown lectures on Financial Risk Management and on Blockchains and Crypto Assets 


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NFTs: TV Interview with The Point

Click on image for link

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Video on Right

Slides on left 

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YouTube Video

On University of Sussex Business School Channel

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Podcast interview with Aviv Milner

Click on image to listen

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Postcast for the Untitled Investment Talk

Click on image to listen to interview with Karl-Michael Henneking and Simon Schaber

Brazilian Finance Meeting
Slides from keynote address

French Financial Economics Meeting

Slides from keynote address 

Full programme now available here

QuantMinds Talk

YouTube video about Trading and Hedging Bitcoin Volatility


Seminar Video

For the international virtual research seminars in finance series orgaised by the University of Bath

Game Changers

Interview on YouTube with Sussex University Blockchain Society

The above links to a 50-minute video and the slides are available here 

The above links to a video of a virtual seminar for the SIAM group for Mathematical Finance, and the slides handout is available here

The above links to the slide handouts and below are links to video lectures:

Part I: The Great Recession

Part II:The Banking Crisis

Part III: Central Banks' Reponse to Covid-19

Post-Pandemic Lending

Video interview on FinTech TV with the inimitable Dr Jane Thomason.

The above links to a collection of blogs written by myself and research students during the market turmoil in March 2020

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